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Lithuanian Art Museum

The Lithuanian culture is rich in art, tradition and religion. Hospitality is deeply imbedded in the Lithuanian tradition. The art made by Lithuanians is primarily from wood, amber and linens. The Lithuanian hand- made craftsmanship adorns a gallery at the Spiritual Renewal Center and throughout the center you will find Lithuanian hand woven linens.

Wooden Sculpture

At the entrance to the Immaculate Conception Convent and Spiritual Renewal Center you face a three foot wooden sculpture of the crucified body of Jesus mounted on a backdrop of unbleached linen. The wooden cross on which the figure of Christ once hung has disintegrated. This weather – beaten outdoor shrine of which only our Lord’s body remains is a precious relic brought over from Lithuania during the Soviet era of religious persecution. It was rescued from complete destruction and donated to the convent and is a symbol of religious faith in Lithuania which survived for 50 years despite all of the attempts to eradicate it. This is a genuine relic that invites prayer and reflection of our Lord.
The Center Building Cross
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