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Spirituality deals with man’s search for meaning in life. Spirituality is subjective, intangible and multidimensional. Spirituality is an inherent component of being human; we are spirit / soul as well as matter / body.

Spirituality and religion are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are two different concepts: Religion involves praising God using organized rituals and practices. Spirituality is a human experience seeking to transcend one's self and thus find meaning and purpose through connection with others, nature and God. Spirituality has to do with our experience of God / The Wholly Other and consequently the transformation of our consciousness and of our lives as an outcome of such experiences. Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God who came to show us the way to the fullness of life. “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” (John 14.6) In Christian spirituality, which is Trinitarian, the Holy Spirit guides us in revealing Jesus’ relationship to God the Father, our Creator.

A spiritual individual seeks to grow in awareness of God’s presence in every moment of life; especially seeking His Presence in the very depths of our being. One brings all of one’s concerns, interests, gratitude, joys, disappointments and wounds to our Loving Father, who is our Creator, Friend and Healer that loves us deeply. We do this in order to understand more fully, how to own and embrace our experiences and by doing so allow our very being to be transformed. Regularly seeking such encounters will help us grow in integrity, peace, love, appreciation and awe before the Giver of Life.

What is a Spiritual Retreat Center?
A Spiritual Renewal Center is a facility providing a specific reflective, prayerful environment that nurtures a desire to access a deeper level of human spirituality. A place entirely designed to gain perspective on one’s spiritual life away from phones, TV and noise. Silence enhances a person’s ability to become quiet and listen to God and experience a unique spiritual level of understanding.

What is the difference between a Guided Retreat and a Directed Retreat?
Retreats are led by qualified individuals that have the permission of the diocese to lead God’s people. In a directed retreat the retreat master provides individual spiritual direction. A guided retreat provides conferences and individually requested spiritual direction.

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