Our Lady of Siluva
The Relic Rock from the apparition in Lithuania

Our Blessed Mother appeared in 1608 to a group of children in the same place where a church in honor of the Nativity had formerly stood, but had since been demolished. The next day a number of people and the Calvinist pastor witnessed Mary with her infant son in her arms standing on a rock and silently weeping. She said, “In the past my Son was honored here but now people are plowing and sowing”. News of the incident spread throughout the country. A blind man more than one hundred years old lived in a nearby village. Stories of the apparitions reached him and he recalled a night, some eighty years before, when he helped a priest, Father Holubka, bury an ironclad chest filled with liturgical vessels and vestments beside a large rock. The villagers led him to the field of the apparition to see if he could help locate the place where the treasures were buried. No sooner had he reached the spot, when his sight was miraculously restored. Falling to his knees with joy and gratitude, he pointed to the exact spot where the chest had been buried. A small wooden chapel was built around the rock where the apparitions occurred. In 1775 Pope Pius VI investigated and approved public devotion to Our Lady of Siluva. In 1924 an upgraded chapel was completed. On the apparition stone, in the center of the chapel, is an altar, and high above it a statue of Our Lady of Siluva.
The marble statue in front of our chapel has a stone base that holds an encased glass protected Relic Rock that is a piece of the very rock from Lithuania on which Our Lady of Siluva appeared. This piece of rock is a fitting authentic relic for reflection and meditation to our Blessed Mother.

Relic from the site of apparition

The Relic Rock from the apparition in Lithuania
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