October 2011"We have attended many retreat centers - NONE like this one! Incredible!", Franciscan Tertiary Men and Women, New England Members

October 2011"I know myself better and this knowing gives me strength to overcome my troubles. I'm not afraid anymore". Student on Day Program

September 2011""The Ignatius Retreat by Father Kermit was focused and prayerful. the silence allowed us to reach a deeper level of Ignatian Excercises" Regumn Christi

August 2011"The best kept secret in the state", John XXIII Movement, Connecticut Chapter

July 2011"God Bless you for a wonderful service to the diocese", Bishop Cote, Norwich Diocese

June 2011"We never knew this was here, what a peaceful place for reflection and prayer", Rachel's Vineyard, Judy and Carol Ownes

May 2011"The men liked it so much that we would like to book our men's, woman's and couples retreats for next year before we leave", Rick Rumsey

April 2011"God Bless you, we can't wait to come back", Pat Turbitt Ministry

March 2011"The students create a program for Catholics on Campus and found this to be the perfect place for their retreat, the group is growing each year", Father Antonelli, U CONN

February 2011"The Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes benefit from being in another space to experience God, this is the perfect place to introduce His presence", Dan, Marianapolis Religious Education Teacher

January 2011"We have had all our retreats here as an entering semiarian to ordination, we've become attached to this very special place", Holy Apostle Seminarians

January 2010"Thank you for your wonderful hospitality, the meals, the prayers and the joyful spirit with which you do everything. You are a witness to us all", Holy Apostle Seminary, Cromwell, CT

January 2010"Wonderful support, very welcoming, we will always come back for that reason as well as the positive evaluations we receive from the students ", Louise, Religious Education, St Louis Youth Group

January 2010“Another wonderful retreat! Once again our thanks!" Dotsie Shaw - Presbyterian Women's Retreat

February 2010“A great place to meditate!" Regnum Christi Men's Retreat

March 2010“Best hospitality I have ever seen" South County Link, Religious Education Directors

April 2010“Thank you to the sisters, whose prayers cause this place to have such a holy ambience" Pat Turbitt Ministry Retreat

May 2010“We have been coming here twice a year for years and look forward to next year" St Louis Parish, Massachusetts

June 2010“Thank you Sisters and Staff for the peace filled weekend. You have a beautiful home, thank you for allowing us to share in it's beauty, quiet and peace" New England Directors of Religious Education

November 2009"This center is indeed blessed ~ excellent food and comfortable facilities ~ extremely helpful and accommodating" Lisa Gulino. Director of Religious Education, Diocese of Providence RI

October 2009"Very nice retreat. Very private and well thought out, definitely holy grounds", Regnum Christi Guest, Silent Retreat

October 2009“Our Ministry has expanded, we now need to have two retreats in October to take care of over 100 ladies, Praise the Lord!" Pat Turbitt Ministries - Charismatic Retreat

October 2009"Thank you for the Spiritual Direction Sister Paul. The Immaculate Conception Spiritual Renewal Center was a very peaceful, restful and inspirational place. I am spreading the word to my friends", M. Lepkowski

September 2009“We had an excellent weekend. The facility has been a perfect environment for our men's retreat and the atmosphere has been idea for our music rehersals". Sounds of Concord, Mens Retreat

September 2009“We have never felt so attended to, thank you for your hospitality". New England Directors of Religious Education - Planning Team - Meeting

September 2009“God bless you for all your effort, your staff went above the call of duty and left no stone unturned." Retreat Director. "This retreat has been a blessing and an unforgetable experience!" Hispanic Ministry Couple, Damans & Cesar. “These are truely Holy grounds, we have had couples reconcile during this retreat", Sister Mary Jude, Hispanic Ministry

April 2009 - “The grounds and guest house are the perfect space for our silent retreat, the outdoor Staions of the Cross was the best experience for our Good Friday candle light vigil", Carol Paul, Religious Education Director

March 2009 - “As usual an outstanding retreat. The facility, the staff and the atmosphere were dynamic. Thank you for your superior hospitality", Deacon R. Norman, Holy Apostles College in Cromwell, CT

“We were able to move boulders within ourselves this weekend, thank you so much", Jim Clark, Regnum Christi Men's Retreat

“We see the touch of God in everything you prepare, with love and prayers" , Dominican Sisters of Fatima

"There is a spirit of peace all around this center, you can feel the presence of God!", St Andrews Presbeterian Women

"We would like to see more one day retreats", Pauline Tibeault, St Mary's Parish

February 2009 - “We had a wonderful day and were filled with a renewed sense of dedication to each other and our faith", Valentine Day Marriage Vow Renewal Program -Mr. and Mrs. Paris
“We will never forget February 14, 2009 Valentines Day. God Bless you and Father Zygas", Valentine Day Marriage Vow Renewal Program - Mr. and Mrs. Rice

January 2009 - “Our Seminarians reported their retreat was wonderful, quiet nad the food was a blessing. We are planning our Deacons Retreat at your location in March", Sister Maryanne, Holy Apostles College in Cromwell, CT

January 2009 - “It was perfect, just perfect for me and 22 others!", Dotsie Shaw and the Presbeterian Women

October 2008 - "Your retreat center is a marvelous place to draw closer to God. Having the Stations of the Cross outside and also Our Lady's Shrine helps with prayer and meditation." , Regnum Christi Women's Retreat

October 2008 - "Thank you to the sisters who reside here and who's prayers cause this place to have such a holy ambience. God Bless You All!", Doreen of Pat Turbitt Ministries

September 2008 - "Our stay here was terrific. An ideal setting for our chorus to rehearse and relax", Jim Kenealy, Sounds of Concord

May 2008 - "Thank you for the hospitality and kindness for our confirmation Retreat. You always make us feel so welcome and special". All Hallows and Saint John's Parish

April 2008 - "The facility was immaculately clean, stocked and prepared better than I imagined and far exceeded expectations". Saint Mary's Parish, Putnam

March 2008 - " You couldn’t even notice there were two groups with separate programs this weekend, the facility is so accommodating” Regnum Christi New England Convention

February 2008 - "We enjoy returning here for our annual Winter Retreat", Norwich Diocese Deacons and Spouses Winter Retreat Group.

January 2008 -"The very best thing, the thing that deserves the warmest thank you, is the sincere, constant desire of the entire staff to make our stay as good as possible. The true presence of Christ shone right through", Brother Bob Schifora of the Holy Apostles Seminary for 50 Seminarians.

December 2007 - "Thank you for a peaceful retreat, we enjoyed your beautiful chapel, statues and grounds and felt it was a simple and inspiring environment. The meals were delicious. We are grateful to have spent time here. God Bless your retreat and the way you serve Him." Sister Yolanda of the Sisters of the Divine Word.

November 2007 - "I would highly recommend this retreat house. You have gifted and spirit filled staff". Mr.Thomas Hynes of Don Turbitt ministries.

November 2007 - "Father Arvydas is an excellent spiritual director and Sister Judith was awesome", Saint Joseph's Basilica Confirmation Director.